Haystack News App

The Haystack News app is an amazing app available for free. Although the app is a Google Chromecast-ready app. This is a featured app for Android TV and for Chromecast. You can make use of this for the mode of news. It actually identifies as not a mode of news, but the channel has proven to be great for news.

Haystack News App

What is Haystack TV?

Haystack TV is a news streaming app that is available in a lot of countries. It has news content from categories like Business, entertainment, Sports, Movies, international, and many more. If you choose to sign in using your account, you would get personalized headlines. The Haystack TV app turns out to be the No. 1 ranked app in the Amazon App store for the business category.

The moment you get the Haystack TV app installed, you get to choose what kind of news items you would like to see. For example, you can choose between the following:

  • My Weather
  • Current Events
  • Science and Technology
  • Entertainment News
  • Business and Finance
  • Video Game News
  • Sports
  • Late Night Shows

Right after this app shows some of the popular and current news topics found in your location. You get to select those topics on your first startup or you can choose to select them later on the Profile tab.

Features of Haystack TV

Haystack carries a lot of amazing features that you would not want to miss out on.

  • You get to watch all the local and international news from over 200 channels that are trusted.
  • With the app, you would get covers for all the latest news from politics, sports, gaming, and many more.
  • In the category of sports, you get to watch the highlights and recap every popular match.
  • Also, haystack TV covers Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan as hosts.

Subscribe to Haystack News

Before subscribing to Haystack News on your mobile device, you are expected to first create an account. The steps below would guide you on how to sign into an account on the Haystack platform:

  • First, make sure that your device is connected to the internet
  • Then launch the browser that you would like to make use of. Any browser at all.
  • Then head to haystack.tv
  • On the Homepage of the website click on the sign-up button located close to the upper right section of the page.
  • You can choose to sign up via two methods and including via your Facebook Account or your Gmail Account.

From this point on, follow the on-screen directions to get yourself successfully registered.

How to Activate Haystack News on Android TV

If you follow the steps below, in no time you would be done with downloading and installing, Haystack News on your Android TV.

  • Right on your Android smart TV, launch the Google Play store
  • Making use of the search bar on the store, search for the Haystack News application
  • Then on the search result page, locate and then click on the Haystack News application
  • Next, click on the install button
  • Then within some minutes, the download and installation processes would be complete
  • Click the open button in other to launch the Haystack application
  • Once the application is launched, you would see the activation code to activate your Haystack News.
  • On your PC or your mobile device, launch the browser and then head over to haystack.tv/activate
  • Once the page opens, you would be required to sign in
  • Sign in by making use of a Facebook or Google account
  • Now, enter the activation code displayed right on your screen
  • Click on the “Activate” button
  • Then wait some minutes; thereafter, you can proceed to start making use of the Haystack application on your Android smart TV.

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