How To Use PlayStation’s Chat Transcription Accessibility Feature

Here I would be giving you steps on How To Use PlayStation’s Chat Transcription Accessibility Feature. Accessibility has always been very crucial in this world of technology. A lot of companies want to get their latest innovations to tons of consumers and potential as much as they can, and this would naturally mean ensuring that their products are appropriate for as many as possible.

How To Use PlayStation's Chat Transcription Accessibility Feature

A controller is standard equipment for gamers, but not everyone is suitable for its design. In January 2023, Sony announced Project Leonardo, a collection of components, such as buttons, sticks, and so on, that can be assembled to meet the needs of each user. This was done so that as many people as possible could enjoy gaming.

PlayStation’s Chat Transcription Accessibility Feature

To meet the needs of customers, the Japanese giant’s consoles also offer a variety of additional accessibility options. The Chat Transcription feature is one that many users will find essential. Players can critically pick to have individual Party Visit individuals’ words changed over completely to the message by empowering this choice.

Here I would be showing you details on how this option can be enabled, one of the many available to the PlayStation 5 system that users are to be aware of, and precisely what it is offering the users.

How to Enable the Chat Transcription Feature

The PlayStation 5 is offering quite a comprehensive suite of accessibility features. They are accessed through the Accessibility menu straight from the main settings.

The Chat Transcription can be located in this menu alongside options such as closed captions and mono audio. Here I would be giving you the steps you need to set it on your console:

  • First, Select Accessibility from the settings menu
  • Then scroll to Chat Transcription
  • Toggle the feature from the Enable Chat Transcription settings
  • Choose a voice straight from the Voice Type menu

You can make use of this voice chat session to commence the process

  • Launch the Game base
  • Select friends
  • Locate the friend or friends that you would like to start the session with, then press party.

The transcription language can be set utilizing the Language tab. With that, clients can choose Express Something to have the text they input addressed to their fellow players. If they also have Chat Transcription enabled, their spoken word will be displayed as text in the party’s chat box.


Just as noted in the PlayStation 4 User’s Guide, the process is slightly different on Sony’s Previous-gen system. Here PS4 second screen is to be downloaded, and the app in question is linked with the console, from there, the second screen and party is to be selected on the device to commence chats with transcription.

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