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A lot of websites out there offer movies and series for download, and one of those websites is NewToxic. The site is great compared to others available, the owners keep on updating the platform every time so that users would always be updated.


Before, the site was known as toxicwap, but its name was changed to with the change of the name, nothing really changes in the site, so do not feel the services of the download process have changed, everything remains the same.

Newtoxic Categories

This newtoxic has some amazing categories that the old toxicwap doesn’t have. The site has seen some major updates to its platform. And below I would be listing all the categories available on newtoxic. They include:

  • Updates
  • Movies
  • Tv Series
  • Korean Drama
  • Chinese Drama
  • Anime
  • Cartoons
  • Korean Movies

All these are the available categories available, toxicwap always try to update the platform every time, so we might see a new category sooner or later.

Newtoxic Movies

In fact, assuming you are determining whether Newtoxic grants you free access to download any film, the website clearly does so. Movies of all genres, including drama, action, adventure, sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, comedy, thriller, superhero, historical, animated, horror, romance, and documentary, are available for free download on the website.

How to Download Movies from Newtoxic

Downloading movies from NewToxic is not that complicated, all you have to do is follow the steps that I would be stating for you below and in no time you should be done.

  • First, launch your web browser and then enter the site URL
  • Then click on the movies section on the first page
  • There select the movie you would like to download, or you can do that via the search bar
  • Once you have searched for the movie and clicked on it, you would be taken to a new page
  • Click on proceed to download
  • Then click on the movie name with the bandwidth size
  • Click on download on the next page
  • And finally, click “continue download”

And that is, your download will begin immediately. The process is not that complicated at all.

How to Download Tv series from New Toxic

Downloading TV series from the new Toxicwap is not that hard, the process is quite straightforward, and you should be able to handle the download process on your own. But in case you might be facing any issues, I have put together the steps to handle the download.

  • Verify that your gadget is connected to the internet.
  • on the device you’ve chosen, open any browser of your choice.
  • The web address should be entered into the browser’s search bar.
  • Select TV Series now, and on the following page, you’ll see alphabetical order from A to Z. Click on the first letter of the name of the TV show you want to download.
  • On Newtoxic, the search bar makes it simple to locate the desired television series.
  • When you click on the TV show you want to download, the next page will open. Tap the Download button on that page, then click the Continue Download button, and your download should start right away.
  • You can do the same thing for the other parts of the movie until you have downloaded the TV show in its entirety.
  • All you have to do to download TV shows from is do that. Simply follow the instructions provided above.

And that is it.

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